Why is a professional website so important?

Why is a professional website important? Poorly built websites don’t build customer confidence. As a consumer myself, when I see that a company that can’t invest a few hundred dollars into a professional appearance for their business, it really makes me think twice about buying from them. Is their customer service half assed too? What about the quality of their product? Is their site trust worthy? Those aren’t the questions that make me feel confident in my purchase.

Beyond your initial customer impression, poorly built sites take money out of your pocket. This isn’t 1990. Websites load fast. A slow loading site will get back clicked (pushing the back button). If customers can’t quickly located the info they are looking for….you guessed it. Back click. If they can’t find out how to contact you. Back click.

It goes on and on. People want quick, to the point, desired info, easy contact, easy and safe purchase. This is not that hard to provide. Yet I see constantly see websites that look like they were built 10 years ago, using out of date software, don’t have half of the elements they should. Then they say call to order. What about the people who are browsing your site after business hours. On the weekend. On third shift? Personally I HATE calling to order. I’m a big boy and can research on my own. I work during the day and don’t have time to make phone calls to order.

If you think you’re business is doing so well that it doesn’t matter, then continue on as you are. When you see a drop in sales because a competitor is stealing your business because he invested in his business, then maybe you will understand what I am talking about!