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Barbed Hook Web Design offers websites exclusively for outdoor companies and outfitters. Weather you own a fishing tackle business and are looking to sell online, an outfitter or charter wanting to be more available, a game call maker, or own a retail shop, we can help you.We offer packages priced well below industry standards. We are outdoorsmen ourselves. We support small business and know that a lot of these businesses are more of a glorified hobby for a lot of you. We are here to help increase your business, not put a financial damper on it. To get a free quote CLICK HERE!

What if I already have a web site?

We are able to help whether you already have a website that needs a new look, want to start selling your products online, or don’t have a web site at all and just want to get out there.

Why is having a website so important?

Think of a website as a salesman who works 24/7 365 days a year. When you are unavailable, it is there, so anyone looking for your product or service can find you and find the information they are looking for. Most browsers will continue searching until they find what they are looking for. If they stumble upon your website, and are able to find what they want, there is a big chance they will purchase through you! If your site is outdated, hard to navigate, or non existent, chances are they will move on.

Are websites a hassle/expensive?

Software has a came a long ways in the past decade. Sites are easier to set up and much easier for the owner to update. Some people choose to update their website all the time, while others just let it be, so it really is only as much of a hassle as you want it to be. On the other hand, it is only a tool. If you don’t use it, it won’t help your business.

While websites can still be very expensive, we have configured a package using readily available software that allows us to build you a great site without the high costs of custom coded unique software.  This cuts the costs significantly.

My last web designer was hard to get ahold of…

This is the number one comment we hear from prospective clients, as well as sites never being finished, changes taking months to complete, and just overall bad experiences. We strive to make our customer service second to none. We are available by email nearly 24 hours a day. We are available by phone during business hours. Our average response time is less than 2 hours….even on weekends!

We have a proven track record and references available so you can be certain we will be there for you throughout the building process and after!

Why choose Barbed Hook Web Design?

We have over 20 years graphic design experience and over 14 years web design experience.  We are US based and do not outsource outside of the US.  We have a strong partnership with a US Based programming company so heavier coding jobs can be completed while being watched closely for perfect tolerances.  We are outdoorsmen ourselves so we understand what you are talking about. This also gives us an insight into what your website needs beyond anything a standard web design company could fathom. We treat you as a person and business owner and a friend instead of a number. We have actually created many friendships and hunting partners with our clients beyond and after the project is completed. We simply took two of our passions and combined them to fill a void in the market.


We offer many web services from e-commerce stores (CubeCart3, Magento), Blogs (WordPress), Photo galleries, Dynamic & Static informational sites, Forums (phpbb3 & Vb), Linking sites with and managing social networks, and much more.


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